Monday, April 8, 2013

Sobeys West Tastes of the World Contest: Street Meat Anyone?!

Want to win a trip to a foodie destination? Me too! Sobeys is currently running the Tastes of the World contest and you could win one of 6 all-inclusive foodie vacations to:

- Paris, France
- Rome, Italy
- Hong Kong
- Frankfurt, Germany
- Cancun, Mexico
- Bangkok, Thailand

I have been to 3 of these destinations (Frankfurt, Cancun and Bangkok) and can attest to their deliciousness. But the one place that holds a special place in my heart is Bangkok. As you may know, I lived for a few years in Thailand, and grew to love the craziness of Bangkok; it's crowded streets, muggy weather, but most of all it's food. If you've never been to Thailand, you might have images of fancy Thai restaurants, but let me assure you the best food can be found on the streets. Yes, you heard me right: that guy with a cart, a banged up cooler and an old wok selling Pad Thai on the corner for $1?? Best. Food. Ever.

Thai street vendor. Photo by my lovely husband, Adam Corkett. 

One of my favourite things to eat is chicken satay. Skewers of deliciously marinated chicken grilled over an open flame. Soooooo good. This amazing street meat was always a treat whenever I was in Bangkok. Even though I once had one of those wooden skewers lodge itself into my foot during Thai New Year (that's a whole other story...ick!) I still never lost the love.

Sure, you can spend money in a fancy restaurant and have some impressive meals served up to you, but in my opinion you can't beat the feast you can buy with $5 on the street. I would LOVE to go back. So you obviously know where I would choose to go! What about you? Where's your dream foodie vacation?

Want to make your dreams come true? There are 4 Ways to Win:

●      Collect to Win one of the 6 trips mentioned above
●      Instant Win Sobeys Club points, free groceries and more
●      Online Sweepstakes: Enter your pin number online to win great prizes
●      In-Store Draw at your local Sobeys to win Lagostina cookware!

This contest is ONLY available in Sobeys Stores in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC.

Want to know all the details? For more information or to pick up your passport and game pieces, please visit your local Sobeys Store!

Or head over to the website at

Please note: This is a sponsored post, and I have received compensation from the company(s) mentioned. However, all opinions are my own, as usual.

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  1. My favorite "life" experience is goin to Thailand on a whim at 21 years old, best 5 weeks of my life. This post brought up some amazing memories, and yes the street food was by far one of the highlights. Fingers crossed one of us wins this awesome trip.


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