Monday, June 17, 2013

My Favourite Nursing Must-Haves

I thought I would share with you my favourite nursing products. If you are a nursing mama, you know you spend quite a bit of time in the act of nursing your little(s). And there are a few products out there that make that job a little easier for me. 

By the way, this isn't a sponsored post, it's all products I purchase myself, I just thought I would share the awesomeness!


1. Bamboobies Nursing Pads

 Luckily, I haven't been as leaky this time around, but it's so unpredictable that I always wear them. Because the one time I don't wear them, I leak all over and have to pop into a store in the mall to purchase a scarf which I creatively drape to hide the giant wet spot on my shirt. Not that that has happened or anything. Please note: this actually happened. 

So my favourite pads are Bamboobies. They are amazing. They are supersoft, which is a plus (I hate the scratchy disposable ones!), as well as incredibly thin. The thinness is the absolute best feature, along with their unique heart shape. Those 2 things combined mean you don't get that super-obvious nursing pad ridge that shouts "HEY! I'M WEARING NURSING PADS!!". Very attractive...ugh. And they have never leaked on me, despite how thin they are. They have a milk-proof backing on them. Love them! don't get a pic of me wearing them. Sorry. I am sure you are super upset...ahem. But you can trust they are being well-used in each of these photos. 

2. Undercover Mama

 I wish I would have got this nursing tank the first time around. Instead I purchased a bunch of cheap shirts that I could easily nurse in, but didn't necessarily look that great. This time I grabbed one of these Undercover Mamas, and my life was changed. It's basically just a strapless tank top that you can attach to any of your nursing bras. So, you throw this puppy on underneath any shirt and it's instantly a nursing shirt; you can pull up your top shirt without exposing your tummy. And that is my biggest uncomfortableness about nursing...I don't really care if I flash a little boob by accident, but tummy? Horrors! The other thing I love about it is it's just tight enough to add a little bit of slimming action. So I can wear all my regular shirts without having to worry about easy nursing access. Life-changer. I wish I could grab them in every colour. 

3. InfinityMOM

I prefer to cover when I'm nursing in public for my own comfort level. Last time I used a nursing cover, but I have to say it's kind of annoying fighting with it all the time. So when I heard about this next product, I rushed out to the store to buy it. InfinityMOM is an infinity scarf, but nice and wide so you can use it as a nursing cover when you need it. I bought one in teal chevron. Sooo cute! I love it. It's awesome because it's a great accessory, but also functional. And there is a lot less fabric so you don't have to fight with it. Plus it's made out of cotton (feels like a t-shirt) so it's breathable and I don't end up with a super sweaty babe and heat stroke from being under it. Ugh. 

4. Ergo Baby Carrier

This one isn't technically a nursing product, but man does it make my life a million times easier when nursing! The Ergo baby carrier is our go-to for outings. It's super comfy and easily adjustable so Hubby and I can swap no problem. It's also really easy to get the baby in and out, which is a must when you have a toddler as well. But by far the most convenient aspect of the Ergo for me is that I can nurse in it. I just strap Q in and he's happy and when it's time to nurse I just loosen the strap a little and latch him on. The Ergo has a wind hood you can clip on, so I do that for some privacy and voila! No one can even tell that I'm nursing, and I am free to keep doing whatever I'm doing! It is super handy when we are out and about with Peanut, as I don't have to stop whatever we are doing to nurse. It's also awesome when we are somewhere where there are no convenient spots to nurse. I remember the first time I did this was at a hockey game with Peanut. There is nowhere in the arena to nurse, and I wasn't going to go sit in the bathroom (ick). So it was perfect! Plus, it's always a bit of a super-mom moment when you are doing all the things while nursing your kiddo. Woot! 

So, those are my faves. What are your favourite nursing products? Any awesome ones you can recommend? 


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