Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Handy Tip: How to Keep Your Duvet From Bunching Up

One thing I love is jumping into a nice comfy bed and crawling under a huge cozy duvet. Even better if the duvet cover is flannel. However, it only takes about 1 night before the duvet migrates through the cover and ends up in large bunches. Usually the duvet ends up on Hubby's side, and I end up with just a thin, measly cover to try and keep me warm. Less than ideal to say the least. 

And don't even get me started on trying to fix it. It's like some strange mix between a wrestling match and yoga. Holding one end up in the air while trying to somehow inch the cover back down. You get one corner in, only to have it back out again when you try to work on the next one. It's a nightmare. And definitely a 2 person job. 

I know there are clips you can purchase that supposedly solve the problem, but to be honest they looked like they wouldn't really help much at all. I had a feeling we would spend the money, install them, get our hopes up and then find out that they didn't work well and be stuck back in our original bunchiness, but this time even more frustrated since our hopes were dashed. 

So, when I was reading a forum I belong to and someone mentioned using ribbons, I was flabbergasted. Could the solution really be so easy?! And free?! Well, let me tell you that it is! 

You need:
some old ribbon (the colour doesn't matter, as it will be hidden)
A needle and some thread
A lighter (if your ribbon will fray)

Start by cutting the ribbon into 2 lengths: 1 for the loops and one for the ties. The loops should be fairly small, to keep the duvet close to the corners. The ties should be long enough to tie a bow, or to double knot if you prefer. Once you cut your ribbon, be sure to hold the ends close to a flame so that they won't start to unravel when you wash them. 

Using your needle and thread, stitch the loops onto the corners of the duvet and the ties onto the inside corners of the duvet cover. You could also add ones in the middle, so that the sides don't sag if your duvet is thick and heavy. 
(This is one project where it doesn't matter that my hand-sewing skills have not improved since Girl Guides. Phew!) 

And there you have it! Simple and free solution to an annoying problem! Thank you ladies of the internet! 



  1. YAY! Thanks! I too unfortunately suffer from duvet bunching but hopefully no more!

  2. I'm very glad to have a tip to solve this problem...but unfortunately you lost me at "using your needle and thread..."!

    Happy New Year!

  3. there is a great company that actually sells duvets and covers that solve this exact problem it is called Du-Zipp wwwduzipp.com


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