Our Journey

Life has certainly been an interesting journey so far! 

It all began when I decided I wanted to try something new and different and to go explore the world. I had done the whole university then job thing, but I really wasn't ready to settle down. I had seen a poster for a backpacking trip to Thailand in my university days, and it had stuck with me through the years. 

One day, I decided enough was enough, looked up the travel company and paid my deposit for a 40 day backpacking adventure to Thailand. The company's name is Free and Easy Traveler and I credit them with changing my life. 

I took off to Thailand, leaving my life behind in Canada, and ended up finding my future (how cheesy is that?!). I met a tall, handsome musician and fell in infatuation. I also fell in love with Thailand, and the travel lifestyle in general. I knew I was in trouble. I had caught the travel bug, and there was nothing I could do about it. 

I found employment in Thailand, travelled throughout SE Asia and enjoyed every minute of it. I reconnected with my tall, handsome musician, and this time I fell in love. And so did he. A couple of years passed, and we decided that if we wanted to make a real go of it, we would have to move back to the homeland, and so we left our free and easy lifestyle behind, and headed home. 

It wasn't long before we realized that what we had was something special. He proposed, I said yes. We got "real jobs", bought a house, adopted a psycho Kitty, and got married (in that order). It was a good couple years. 

About 3 months after we said "I do", we ended up saying "holy crap!" when I peed on a stick, and a nice big plus sign came up. We were so excited to start on our new adventure as parents, but a little overwhelmed too. This was a trip of a whole different sort, and we didn't have a map...

On July 27th, 2011 our little Peanut was born. You can read our birth story here. He's the most awesomist thing in the whole wide world.

The journey has been an amazing one, and we can't wait to keep discovering new things. We may not really have a clue about what we are doing, but it sure is fun trying to figure it all out!


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