Saturday, April 30, 2011

What's New Pussycat?

So exciting news! I have been nominated for Circle of Moms Top 25 Pregnancy Journals. Woo hoo! If you would like to help me make the list, then please click through the little pink badge on the right hand side and vote for Up Mommy Creek. A big heartfelt thank you to all the readers who have voted so far! You guys all rock! The voting is open until May 18th, and you can vote once per day.

Because of this nomination, my brother actually read my blog. Previous to this, I don’t think he even knew what it looked like (although he definitely knew it existed). When Hubby posted the link about the nomination on his Facebook page, Brother Dearest commented that the blog was actually pretty good, so he threw in a vote. Now, my bro has been campaigning hard for us to name our little Peanut after him (well, for a middle name). My brother’s nickname has been Mike D. for a very long time. So he would like us to name our child Peanut (well, a real name, but we are indecisive) Mike-Dee OurLastName. For real. Needless to say, we haven’t considered it.

Yet, somehow the bargain was struck between Hubby and Brother that if Brother spread the word about the nomination, that we would consider this Mike-Dee business. So he did. And then he got interested in the outcome, since I was pretty close to the top at that time. There are 2 things I know for sure about my brother. 1 is that he is incredibly competitive. 2 is that he never lets things go. EVER. So, this has now become a personal campaign for him to win me the top spot, simply for the act of winning. He sends me morning updates about his voting, and the current status of my blog in the standings. He posts witty blurbs about it on Facebook. He is mobilizing his immense network of friends to vote for a pregnancy blog. It’s quite astounding and amusing, really. So thanks Mike D and all of Mike D’s friends. Hopefully the world of preggo-ness is a little less mystifying for you now.

Update on my sewing project (see here for more info):

After many weeks of being at a stand-still due to a malfunctioning bobbin winder on the machine (Sister-In-Law came over and confirmed it was not my incompetence. The machine is, in fact, not able to wind a bobbin), I finally just decided to use a white bobbin and purchased a pre-wound one. I had attempted to sew the pocket for the dress, and quickly discovered that in order to be able to sew a dress, you actually need to be able to sew in a straight line. Which I am not able to do. At all. Even though there are guides on the machine to make it easy. So, I decided to practice first by making a flannel baby blanket for Peanut.

The best thing about this (in my mind) was that it was super easy, since you just had to sew a square, and all the stitching would be covered up by the satin binding. And by the time I got to the binding, I would be a pro sewer. (Wait…sewer? That just spells sewer, and I know I am not a pro receptacle for waste…edit that to be seamstress.) Well, I did sew the square, in a horrendous massacre of thread and flannel. I don’t think there is even an inch of the blanket that has straight stitches. Even my Mom couldn’t say anything nice about it. It was THAT BAD. But no worries, right? It will be covered by the binding! So, I went to sew the binding, but then I broke the machine’s needle.

So really, I am the worst possible seamstress in the world. However, I will not give up! I will still attempt to sew the horrible monstrosity that will be called “dress”. A couple of you have mentioned that you are actually very good at sewing, so I may take you up on the offer for help. I think I probably have the machine set up wrong as well. This is not my forte. The good thing is that the weather has been so disgusting (it snowed today), that even if it was gloriously assembled, I wouldn’t be able to wear it yet anyway. So I will keep trying to plug along. Even though it is agonizingly painful, and incredibly embarrassing. 

Update on pregnancy:

I have entered the Twilight Zone stage. After the general miserableness (throwing up, exhausted, breaking out) of the First Trimester, the Second Trimester was like a All-Inclusive resort. I felt much better and the morning sickness eased up about midway through, and cleared up completely near the end. My skin improved. I started feeling the baby move, and so did Hubby, and it was amazing and cool, and real! I had a ton more energy, and my appetite was just right.

Well, the Third Trimester has begun, and it’s much less awesome. Things are just generally uncomfortable now. My feet are tight, my ankles are swollen, Peanut is starting to encroach on my lung space so sitting, standing, laying down, everything is uncomfortable. The awesome little kicks are starting to become creepy alien movements in my belly. You can see my belly moving and rippling. I really wonder what the heck he is doing in there. Also, he likes to perform these acrobatic feats at the most inopportune times. Mostly this involves bedtime. Also, things have started leaking. Things that have never leaked before. Very weird. Cue music…


  1. I'm glad I found your blog through Mike D! It is super entertaining!

  2. you are hilarious - Mike D competetive??? xoxo

  3. Yup... leaking, alien feelings, aches.. we're in the same boat, girlfriend!


  4. Oh no! What starts leaking? I'm entering T3 in about a month!

  5. Sarah-Eve, thanks for stopping in! Glad you like it!

    As for what leaks: it's the boobies. It was a bit of a shocker, so be prepared! :)


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