Monday, October 3, 2011

Touchnote Giveaway

So, there is a new app out there called Touchnote. It's a pretty cool concept, actually. You upload a photo, and then it sends the photo as a postcard. Like by snail mail. A real, old school postcard. I think this is sort of genius, simply because I can think of a ton of cool ways to use it. For instance, when you travel you can send postcards of your own photos instantly, no need to head to the cheesy souvenir shop for the standard tourist fare. All those cool Instagram photos? Send 'em! 

(ok, I have to admit something here...I don't have an iPhone. 
In fact, I don't have a phone that can take pictures, or download apps. 
Is it sad that I want an iPhone just for the Instagram thingy?!
Those photos are so awesome...better than my camera sometimes. 
I am slightly jealous)

It could be a really good option for birth announcements too. I also think it would be awesome to send my brother a postcard of something stupid that I saw that reminded me of him. Such as this:

Sort of like when he text-to-landlines my house and the creepy robot voice gives me unsettling messages. 

I used it to send postcards of Peanut to Hubby and the Grandparents. It's cool because you get to write a message on the back, and so I thought it would be cute to send it to them from Peanut ( "Dear Daddy, ah-goo!' You know, that sorta thing). They, of course, loved it. Grandparents and parents are suckers for that sorta cheesy thing. 

You can't argue with the price. It only costs $1.49 per postcard. So basically, they print it out and mail it for you anywhere in the world for $1.49. That's cheaper than postage in some cases! I was pretty impressed with the quality, as well. The photo quality was bang-on and it's sort of a glossy, plasticy sort of paper, so it's not going to get trashed in the mail. Ours was a little bent at the edges, but that's sort of the charm of postcards. 

You can use the website to send them if you are like me and don't have a cool phone, or you can use their app for iPhone or Android. Also, it looks like they will be adding a Facebook option soon...

Want to try it out? The first 20 readers to send an email to mums (at) get free credits! 


  1. I will be buying myself an iphone very soon, so I will definitely check out this app as soon as I get it! Thanks for posting!

  2. Glogirl: Enjoy!

    Rachel: I am jealous of your gift to yourself... :)

  3. Love, love, love your blog. I'd like to invite you to share your blog on Mom Blog Society. I'm sure our readers would just love your blog.


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