Friday, August 10, 2012

The Build-a-Bear Workshop Any Event

I have always wanted to go to a Build-a-Bear Workshop and create my own Teddy Bear, but it always seemed like a lame thing to do as an adult. So I never did it, and avoided the embarrassment of lining up with the little kiddos to blow on my bear's heart to make it start beating. 

BUT, I have my own kiddo now! Which means I can use him as an excuse to build-a-bear! Yesssssss...

Actually, it was a ton of fun, and Peanut was pretty into it. He is too young to get the whole 'making your own bear come to life' thingy, but he certainly found it very exciting to get a new puppy. He was signing for puppy and hugging it like crazy before we even stuffed it. Once he was stuffed, Puppy became the bestest thing in the world for the next 10 minutes, which is pretty high praise from a 1 year old! 

Right now Build-A-Bear Workshop has the Any Event going on, which means you can create any animal, pick out any outfit and add any shoes for $34.99. Which is a steal of a deal for a custom stuffed animal! When it came to picking out the outfit and shoes, Hubby and I had all the fun. It was a toss-up between a hockey outfit of Hubby's favourite team (which I was not on board for!) or a Jedi outfit (which I was more amenable to). The Jedi outfit won, and I have to admit, it looks pretty sweet! The shorts even have a hole for his tail and the hood has ear holes. Sooooo awesome. I was in charge of the shoes, so I picked out some sweet flippy floppies. I thought they were sort of Jedi-like. 

Pretty sweet if you ask us geeky parents! ;)

The Any Event is on until August 16, 2012 so there is still time to create your awesome bear on the cheap! I really wanted to create a Cruella DeVille bear (they actually have the outfit!). Maybe next time...

Disclosure: I received the afore-mentioned product in order to complete this review accurately, but opinions are all my own (as always!). 



  1. That sounds like so much fun! Alea just made her first build a bear recently and picked that exact puppy :) I LOVE that place!

  2. I love build a bear & I actually went there and made a bear for myself with an outfit too! Haha! I'm such a kid at heart!

  3. It was so much fun! I'm glad you enjoyed your experience too! (We made a camo Darth Vader!)

  4. Hi, Amy! Found you through TBB and I was excited to see that not only are you a Canadian blogger....but in the Calgary area! Naive me - I thought I was the only one! We're rural, about 1/2 hour east of Strathmore, so I look forward to following along your blog! Love this Build-a-Bear, we're big Star Wars fans here!


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