Monday, December 10, 2012

Weird Things That Happen in the Third Trimester

It seems I now find myself in the third trimester. How did that happen so quick?!
My 28 week belly
Yes, this is my second time around the ol' pregnancy block, so you would think I would be pretty used to it by now, especially since my first experience is so fresh in my mind. Nope. There are still some things that totally weird me out. Here they are: 

When your tummy growls and you realize that it's now under your ribs 
Dude. It's so strange. I know logically that now that this big baby is displacing my organs that they have to go somewhere and the logical place is up. But it is so weird to feel your tummy rumbling all up in your lungs business. It's like they are best buds now. It's just bizarre to not have things where they are usually supposed to be. 

When the baby kicks out his leg and then slides it to the other side of your belly and it's like a scene from 'Alien'
This goes in the 'unsettling' category. Most things about babies are cute. This particular trick is not cute, it's just freaky. There is something about seeing your belly move completely on it's own that is very creepy; it's proof that there is a living thing growing inside of you. Other things that grow inside you besides babies? Parasitic alien life forms. Maybe it's because that movie always scared the pants off of me as a kid, but I just can't shake that image every time baby goes all kung-fu. Which brings me to my next item...

The acrobatics and gymnastics that occur in-utero
It is pretty clear to me that I must be giving birth to an octopus. There is no other rational explanation for the amount of crazy movement going on in there. I mean honestly, how can such a tiny little thing cause so much of a ruckus?! Just when I think that the one lump must be a butt and the movement I feel on that one side must be a leg...BAM! I get a crazy kick on the other side. Unless this baby can do the splits, the only logical conclusion is that he has 8 limbs. That, or he has a very strict Tai Chi and yoga schedule he sticks to. 

When you are pretty sure that climbing that one flight of stairs is equal to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro
It is amazing that one little flight of stairs leaves me huffing and puffing like I just ran a marathon. I blame this one on decreased lung capacity due to the aforementioned organ squishing and the extra weight of the baby. Definitely not on MY extra weight or complete lack of physical fitness. Definitely not...

That in 3 months that inside-baby is going to be an outside-baby
Yeah, this one never ceases to be weird. That little thing growing all snug-as-a-bug in there is going to be a crying, squirmy little human. It seems like 9 months is a long time, but honestly when you are in the home stretch, it feels like no time at all to prepare for your new little babe. It's exciting and intimidating and strange all at once. 



  1. At 35 weeks I found out this morning that my stomach is under my diaphragm now. Super crazy.

  2. I am at 29 weeks right now and boy oh boy do i hear you on every single thing. And this is my third time around the pregnancy block and it still surprises me.

  3. Wow Amy! You have so wonderfully yet with such hilarious effect portrayed the journey in the third trimester. I was all smiles throughout your post. Its true that most of the things that happen seems weird enough even if its your second time or the third.

  4. This post had me laughing! I had no idea my stomach would end up near my lungs (i'm kind of scared now lol) I am 25 weeks! Can't wait to hit 3rd trimester!

    btw I think the whole alien movements thing is freaky, yet awesome!

  5. I love this list. I couldn't even walk to the bathroom without huffing and puffing (I have twin girls) :)


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