Monday, May 16, 2011

5 Things That are Awesome About Being Pregnant

It's really easy to focus on all the negative stuff associated with pregnancy, but in reality it's amazingly awesome being pregnant. Here are some reasons why:

1. Feeling Peanut squirm around. It's so awesome to feel the little guy moving and shaking in there. It's also equally fun to try and guess what the heck he is doing in there. 

2. Wearing comfier clothes than usual to work. While this might not technically be allowed, I certainly am taking full advantage, flip flops and all. As if they are going to tell a massively pregnant woman that her wardrobe is not appropriate work attire. Score one for me! 

3. All the love and attention Hubby gives me. This is not limited to me being pregnant, of course, but it seems extra special now. Plus, he is more willing to do those extra things, like go and grab me a water, or run to get me ice cream, since I am way too lazy to do it myself. It's also adorable to hear him talking to my belly. Swoon...

4. All the cute little baby things we are slowly accumulating. The adorable little cloth diapers, and the itsy-bitsy shoes are just too cute for words. 

5. Imaging what our little guy is going to be like. We just can't wait to meet him!! 

Another thing that is awesome about being preggo? Pregnancy lunges by the waterside. Oh yeah!


  1. It was a pleasure to meet you last night at the #BloggyCon Twitter Party!! I wish you a smooth delivery with minimal pain. ;)

    I was pregnant three times and had 3 c-sections. All three were boys! I totaly miss being pregnant since my body handled them well. Every once in a while I'll have a gas bubble that reminds me of the boys moving within me. Love that part of pregnancy!! My first son loved to stretch out and his feet would end up in my ribs. I caught his foot once, and showed it to those around me at the time. I will never forget thet. I wish I had a camera handy for that moment. ;)

    Enjoy the end of your pregnancy as much as possible. It's the miserable stage, but you'll miss it once it's over. ;)

  2. Well, when I can't sleep at night because of my huge belly....I will come here and read your list again!! :)


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