Thursday, May 19, 2011

Choices...Do We Have To??

One of the hardest things about this whole pregnancy journey, and impending arrival of our little man is all the decisions we have to make. Some decisions have been so easy, and we are excited about them. For example, we are going to cloth diaper our little one. But others? Oh boy…and Hubby and I may be the most indecisive people in the whole world.

When we were travelling, this indecisiveness was perfect. Since we could not really make plans in advance due to our inability to actually opt for one course of action over another, we usually just ended up going with the flow, and that was always the right choice. Not being tied down to a strict itinerary really made for an amazing travel experience. However, now that we are settled down, and decisions need to be made all. the. time. we are struggling. Take for instance the simple act of what to do on a Friday night. Last Friday we were trying to decide what to do after work. Would we go to a movie? Out for a bite to eat? Stay in and watch one of the 3 million movies we have on the PVR (we just got HBO…it’s a habit)? We could NOT decide. Luckily, my parents sent a text that they were going to the pub by our house for some wings, so they decided for us, and we joined them. Phew! Crisis averted!

But now that we are supposed to be the adults, and we will be responsible for someone else’s life, the stakes are much higher. It’s not just us that we can potentially screw up! The decisions range from inconsequential in the grand scheme of things (what to do with the nursery) to potentially life-altering (naming our baby…will he need therapy because of our choice later in life??).

When we first got pregnant, it was easy to postpone these decisions because we didn’t know the gender, and so we didn’t really feel any pressure. But it’s been  3 months since we found out we are most likely having a boy, and we were still stuck in the rut of not actually deciding anything last week. We talked about a million different options for names, and looked at paint samples in Home Depot 10 times, and were still never any closer to deciding anything. Every new option we came up with just made things harder.

However, we finally have made some headway this week, and I think we have both a plan for the nursery, and a name. The problem is, neither of us really want to fully commit to it yet, since we keep thinking there might be something out there that is the “perfect” one. These plans are awesome, but are they perfect?! I think we have to give up the dream that we will ever feel we have 100% made the right decision. This, from what I understand, is part of being a parent, and it’s going to get a lot harder!

Finally making a firm (well, sort of), confident (it’s not set in stone or anything) decision on these 2 things has really given Hubby and I a boost. We did it (for the most part)! We decided important things like adults do!  Huzzah!

I have an update about my sewing project, but in order to post it I would like to have a little photo session. Every night after work we have planned to do it, and every night a hurricane-force wind blows in (ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration…but it’s really windy), and we can’t do them. So, hopefully we will be able to grab some this weekend, and then you can see the monstrosity  dress.

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who voted for the Top 25 Pregnancy Journals from Circle of Moms. We did it! I placed 3rd! How exciting! There will be a feature on their website, including an interview. So stay tuned for that…

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