Monday, September 19, 2011

Essential Baby Items: The Stretchy Wrap

It's pretty overwhelming all of the gear and products and "must-haves" for your baby. If you recall in my previous post, I was pretty overwhelmed with all the selection while I was pregnant. Well, after having my little Peanut and getting a couple of months of this mom thing down, I can safely tell you what I think are the "must-haves" for us. I thought I would highlight a different item that we love every now and again. 

This first one is by far the front-runner. I don't know what we would do without our stretchy wrap. It's honestly saved our sanity about a billion times over in the last couple of months. 

When I was pregnant, I really wanted to get a wrap. I had visions of me carrying my little babe around all day and getting a million things done around the house while still giving my child the attention he needs. Hubby was not so convinced, and neither was my mom. I think they both thought it was a rather "hippy"-type notion. But I insisted, and we were very lucky in that we received one for the baby shower. During our prenatal class, we had a little section about carriers, and we got to try a couple of them out. That is when Hubby really jumped on board. He practiced putting the wrap on about 5 times during the class. I think he just needed a visual to understand what the heck a long piece of fabric could really do, you know? 

Anyway, after Peanut's arrival my vision of wearing him all the time sort of went down the toilet due to my c-section. Thus, it fell to Hubby to try it out. After the first night of crying baby, he tried the wrap and lo and behold! Peanut fell instantly to sleep. Since then, the wrap is Hubby's go-to for calming the babe. It honestly is a miracle-worker! I can wear him now that I am all healed, and it has never failed to calm him down, and usually it puts him right to sleep. It also makes going out and about really easy, since it can be sort of cumbersome to use a stroller at times. We have another carrier too (the Ergo), but the wrap is our go-to for this age. 

We have a MamanKangourou wrap (a Canadian brand, I believe), but I know that the Moby wrap is a very popular brand as well. I was rather surprised at the price for wraps, since they are essentially just a long piece of fabric. However I do believe in this instance it is worth it's weight in gold. Okay, wait, that's a crappy turn of phrase for this situation, since they barely weigh anything...basically I am trying to say that they are worth the price. And I am really cheap. So you know it must be good. 

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  1. Hi Amy. I'm Laura. I love your blog, and your little man is just precious. :) I was hoping we could link up! Check out my blog and see what you think.

  2. My daughter loved her Snugli. We used the same carrier we had used with our son, before the wraps were popular. But the wraps look way more comfortable. Yeah, when my daughter was born she was placed right on my chest and immediately began nursing. To this day she loves being held and never skips a meal.:) Funny how they show their personalities so fast.

  3. When my babies were babies, too many years ago than I care to think of, I lived with my sling on me nearly constantly. They didn't have the stretchy wraps that exists now... Shoot! The sling was considered "new fangled" and those of us that used them were considered odd. Why would you want to carry your child "all the time"? But I loved my sling and I used it for years (with successive babies...) I highly recommended these types of carriers then and I still highly recommend them today.

    To some extent I miss my sling... but I think it's more because I miss the time that my babies were babies. ;)

  4. Laura Lee: Your daughter is adorable! Love your blog, and can't wait to read more! :)

    Mauria: You are so right about showing personality so early. :)

    Johane: I've been thinking of trying a sling as may have convinced me to check one out. ;)


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