Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to Find the Time?!

Well, I have been doing this mommy thing for 6 weeks today. It's so hard to believe that our little guy has been around that long! The first few weeks were definitely hard. It was hard to adjust to the all-consuming job of being a parent. It was also hard to recover from the c-section and it was definitely hard adjusting to breastfeeding. Now, I feel like we are much more confident as parents, and also that Peanut is developing his own personality. It's so rewarding when you get a huge smile from him when he looks up at you. Awww...

I was so incredibly lucky to have Hubby home for the first 6 weeks. He went back to work yesterday, and so I am now officially a full-time stay-at-home mom. It is a little intimidating being all alone all day without someone to take a "shift" with the baby. Yesterday I managed to sneak in a (very short-lived) bath, and was able to do the laundry and wash dishes. That was it. Oh, and I read a few chapters while he was feeding...multi-tasking is a new mom's best friend! It's just a shame I am not that good at it yet! 

Up until now, every attempt I have made at blogging is thwarted with a vengeance.  He could be perfectly content smiling and cooing up at his mobile and the instant I hit "compose post" he is screaming.   My baby has a problem with me giving my attention elsewhere. Not good. The only reason I am writing this right now is because he passed out while eating and I sneakily transferred him to the bassinet. Luckily he has my sleep temperament and he doesn't wake up very well in the mornings. Actually, we are eerily similar in this regard; right down to the grumbling and eventually crying when we have to wake up... :) 

One of our tricks to get him to sleep: play some Bob Marley. Works every time.  Our little Rasta baby...
So, I have this vision of how my maternity leave is going to be: I will have the house perfectly clean, delicious baked goods and gourmet dinner prepared every day, baby perfectly happy and intellectually stimulated. I will work out every day and wear super cute outfits, while having time to blog and start sewing and crafting more. Rrrrriiiighhhhtt. 

I think I need to take inspiration from one of my favourite movies "What About Bob" and concentrate on the baby steps. That will help me to either a) start to adjust to this new routine or b) ruin the life of Richard Dreyfuss and his family and also go sailing. Only time will tell! 


  1. Dana from Hancockheir:
    It's gets easier...I promise. I didn't do anything for about the first 6 weeks I was home too...and then slowly I got really fast at doing stuff while baby was sleeping and I also got pretty good at doing things one-handed - even typing. but most of the time when hubby got home from work, I was still in PJs, dinner was not even starting to be prepared, and some days I hadn't even brushed my teeth (gross...I know).
    and right about the time it got easier, and I was confindent in our daily routine - I had to go back to work and get used to something new again.

  2. Yep, sounds about right. You're doing everything just perfect. I spent many days in my pjs and I considered showering a luxury. Routines will come and go and you'll find time to bake - but instead you'll opt to nap. FB me and we can do mom stuff together - the winter can be challenging.


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