Monday, November 14, 2011

My Monday Morning...(Yup, they still suck!)

So, even though I don't have to go to work at the moment 

(because staying home with the babe is totally not work...

Mondays still suck. 

Today's evidence:

Woke up, fed Peanut. Noticed my shirt was pretty wet. Held Peanut out at arm's length and realized he had had a pooplosion out of the leg of his diaper. All over me. Which had soaked my shirt. Ick, right?! So, we rush to the change table, where I strip him down and attempt to get off his sleeper and dirty diaper without him somehow getting poop all over himself. 

Finally manage to remove diaper. Peanut decides that perhaps he has not quite finished pooping. Poop gets all over (already dirty) sleeper, and all over change pad cover. Luckily, none in my hair.

Eventually remove both of the offending items, and manage somehow to wipe Peanuts bum and back without getting poop all over the plastic-y, now coverless change pad. Somehow manage to wrangle the squirmiest of babies into a new diaper (mostly by waiting for the brief double-leg-kick-arm-flail to quickly close one tab). Savour the moment for 0.2 seconds until Peanut pukes. 

Puke travels all the way down the change pad due to it's inherently slippery nature. Every inch of skin touching the change pad is now covered in puke. Let out a huge sigh. Finally remove my poopy pyjama shirt, and lift Peanut from the slimy change table. 

Somehow manage to hold Peanut with one hand to clean off puke with the other. Reach over for a too-small sleeper from the closet and manage to finally zip it up after re-placing feet in the legs about 30 times. Success! Sit back to admire my work, and Peanut pukes all over clean sleeper. 

Realize I just spent 20 minutes getting a baby dressed who needs a bath. Curse my over-tired brain and run the bath like I should have way back at getting the clean diaper on. Remove dirty sleeper which was worn for 10 minutes (and took just as long to put on). Remove clean diaper. Begin to move Peanut into bath. Get peed on. Sigh and resign myself that today is just going to be one of those days. 

We definitely have a case of the Mondays. 

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  1. Awww. He's adorable! Just discovered your blog on! I'm a follower!


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