Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy Today...

That I actually made something from Pinterest which was not food! And it turned out awesome...which you can't tell from this horrible picture. However, said picture is taken from my new Blackberry, which also makes me happy. 

That my brother decided to purchase Advent calendars for Hubby and I. How awesome is that?! 32 days of crappy chocolate, here I come!

One of the major reasons I have not yet dropped all the baby weight: Eggnog Latte. Oh sweet deliciousness, get in mah belleh!!!

And of course this little man. Don't you just want to die of cuteness?!?!

What are some things that are making you happy today? 



  1. What paint did you use for the handprint?

  2. April, I tried using paint because the original tutorial called for embossing powder and clear ink, and I didn't know what that was (don't judge! I'm not crafty!). However, I can tell you that it didn't work at all. So, I ended up getting some ink and embossing powder from Michael's for about $15. I didn't want to buy a heat gun, so I just held it over the toaster to set the powder...haha. Worked like a charm!

  3. your wonderful roast beef/yorkshire pudding dinner ummm.. that made me very happy today hon - Momxoxo

  4. those red starbucks cups get my heart pitter pattering too - and yes, the cuteness! So much CUTE!


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