Sunday, April 29, 2012

9 Months!

At 9 months Peanut:

~ weighs about 20.1 lbs
~ is about 30 inches long

~Has started crawling in full force, very confidently and very swiftly
~Can sit up on his own from a laying down position
~Continues to understand more words and signs everyday, but has not, as yet, signed back or spoke any actual words
~ Still loves to cluck his tongue, and now sticks it out all.the.time
~ Loves food of all kinds. I don't think we have discovered anything he hasn't liked yet. 
~Favourite food at the moment is bananas and cereal puffs
~Claps his hands, which is super adorable 
~Is rather grumbly and growly, carrying on entire monologues with himself
~Uses his feet to pick things up...little monkey
~Loves to play peek-a-boo and to listen to songs that we sing with him
~Favourite books are "That's Not My Penguin" and "That's Not My Baby" (touch-and-feel books) and "Hand Hand Fingers Thumb"

I can't believe he's 9 months old! Time is going by so fast, and he continues to become such a little man. Love him! xoxo


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