Monday, April 16, 2012

April Photo A Day: Week 2

Here is my second week of the challenge. And I totally did not just take all these photos today. Well, not all of them anyway...ahem. 

Day 8: Inside Your Wallet
Nothing at all except old Starbucks cards...sigh
Day 9: Younger You
Oh the '80s! Love my mom's hair and her Michael Jackson sweatshirt...
 Day 10: Cold
Our cold-hearted Kitty. Cold as ice...
Day 11: Where You Ate Breakfast
Breakfast was a vanilla latte
Day 12: Stairs

Day 13: Something You Found
Many years ago I found this old copy of the Hobbit on my parent's bookshelf. It's from 1966. 
 Day 14: How You Feel Today
Tired. As usual. 


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  1. Such a pretty kitty!



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