Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kitty and Peanut: An Analysis

We have discovered that Peanut and Kitty are at about the same mental development level at the moment. This means that Kitty has the approximate mental ability of a 10 month old infant. We have always suspected it was low, we just were never able to quantify it until now. 


Peanut is obsessed with paper in general, but he has a special place in his heart for toilet paper. Especially if he can get his hands on the roll, and then pull it all off and rip it into tiny shreds. This is also one of Kitty's favourite pass-times. 

Kitty has long been obsessed with boxes. Mostly sitting in them and purring. But also scratching at them and tipping them over. Peanut also is loving to tip over boxes, and loves to bang on them to make noise. 

Can you find Kitty? (Surely she is plotting his demise...)
Both of them get the general mechanics of how a door works, but are unable to get past the obstacle if it is closed fully. 

Both are currently obsessed with yogurt. 

Peanut has also recently become fascinated with Kitty's god of idolatry: the bath faucet. While he is not as enamoured with it as Kitty is, it is still rather interesting. 

They both enjoy racing around and attempting to destroy anything that we own of value. Kitty is working on the furniture. Peanut is working on electronics and glassware. 

They both (for some unknown and disturbing reason) love to try and eat the tufts of cat hair that get missed by the vacuum. Blech. 

They have both figured out that the phantom screen we have over our front door can be used for escape if you push it at the bottom. And for now, the baby gate in front of the screen foils both of their escape plans. 

Yes, that is Kitty in a Bumbo...sigh

Kitty still has Peanut beat on the agility scale though. She can leap over baby gates like they aren't even there, and is much quicker at escape than Peanut is. She also beats him on the annoyingness scale as well; yowling when the baby is sleeping, crawling under the covers to cuddle in the middle of the night, racing around like a herd of elephants the second the clock strikes midnight. 

In some ways I feel sorry for her, being so dumb. But in others, I know she gets by on her looks, and she knows how to work it. Lets be honest, we only put up with her antics because she is so darn cute.

 And I suppose we could say the same about Peanut as well... 



  1. Great picture of your little one in the grocery cart. At least your cat has her looks to get her through. I've found that chickens really are the dumbest animals on the planet.

  2. That was fantastic Amy. Ha ha ha.. Poor kitty.-Mom

  3. This post was beyond fantastic! Love it!!


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