Friday, June 24, 2011

37 Weeks: Fully Baked!

Wow. I can't believe we've come so far! It seems so strange to think back to that day we found out we were expecting. It feels like a million years ago, and yet still I feel like it's too early for Peanut to be arriving! I think I am in denial that we will be here any day now. Technically, we still have 3 more weeks (only 21 days?!) until our due date, but 37 weeks is considered "Full-Term" for babies. Which means if I go into labour now, it's no longer "early labour" it's just freaking labour. AHHH!!!!

I have a lot of mixed emotions. I am logically thinking about all the what-ifs and am preparing for when we make that trip to the hospital. But emotionally I am still in denial that it's going to happen. The nursery is mostly finished (just have to hang one more thing), the clothes and bedding are all washed and clean and ready. We have all the essentials for when he comes home. We are attending the prenatal classes and Hubby has read the book about how to support me. We have the birth plan, we've done all the tests and the checkups. But still I feel like it's not real. I had a spell of contraction-y type things the other night when we went to the mall. The only thing running through my head was "Not yet!!". I feel like I have just gotten the hang of being pregnant. It's enjoyable! It's mostly predictable! It's even sort of fun! Birth and parenting? That's still all unknown territory.

My big belly. Hubby's camera skills. 

Hubby and I were talking it through the other day. I think I feel this way because there is absolutely nothing that I can predict or plan (besides the fact that Peanut is eventually coming out). I have no idea when he will come, how labour will feel, how I will deal with labour, how the birth will go, what he will even look like, how we will do as parents, how the hospital stay will be, NOTHING! We can't plan a single thing. It's all out of our hands. For a controlling planner like myself, it's difficult to deal with.

At the same time, its super exciting that pretty soon we are going to meet this squirmy little guy who's been living in my belly. He's starting to get a personality in there (he gets hiccups lots, gets startled by loud noises, likes it when Hubby talks to him), and it's so cool to think that soon we are going to see him and he will be larger than life! (He literally might be larger than life...the doctor said the ultrasound report  put him at "the upper-edge of normal for size"!!! EEP! I hope they mean length and not weight!!)

Now that Peanut is fully baked, we are just waiting for him to decide when it is a good time to meet us. I think the final thing I have been waiting to do in preparation is to pack my hospital bag. Well, that's on the to-do list for the day. The final hurdle before we are as ready as we can be for the greatest adventure of our life. It's a whole bunch of scary and exciting all rolled into one. WOO HOO!!


  1. Scary and exciting are the perfect words. There is absolutely nothing like it. I am so glad you are both able to experience the "Awesomeness" of having your little guy. Your lives will be changed - a wonderful change. xoxo Bevy

  2. Take one word of advice from me. You think that everything is ready, but there is something else that you absolutely have to do.

    Take a day and stay in bed ALL DAY. Sleep for an entire day. You may not get the opportunity again for the longest time.Trust me, I also thought everything should be ready and it was, but I was so busy with baby stuff I forgot about getting the rest. I wish that I could have thought about dedicating a day to sleep when I had the chance!

    I enjoy your blog very much and would like to award you with the Versatile Blogger Award. To read more about it, go to

    Enjoy your day and good luck with mommy hood!


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