Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some Bad News

We have been so lucky this pregnancy that everything has gone completely by the book. All our tests for Peanut and for me have come back plain ol' normal, and the symptoms I've been having have been manageable. We haven't had one incident of having to go in to the doctor or the hospital or anything worrisome happen, which has been such a blessing. We have really been lucky. 

So at our appointment this week, when the doctor went to measure my belly and ended up measuring about 5 times without saying anything, I knew something was up. So I asked her what she was getting. 

Your belly measurement is supposed to match the week of pregnancy you are in (by some strange coincidence). I am 34 weeks, so I should have had a measurement close to 34 cms. She was getting 40 cms, which would be full-term for the baby. I was pretty surprised, and so was she. Peanut is measuring 6 weeks ahead all of a sudden. Last appointment he was only 1 week ahead, so it's all been in the last 2 weeks, and my weight has not increased at all. She said she is sending us for an ultrasound to see what is going on with Peanut. Of course she said not to worry, and it was probably due to him being in a funny position and not to lose sleep over it, but it's hard not to be a little concerned at this stage of the game. 

I suppose the good news is we get to see our little man again through the ultrasound. And it's also reassuring to know that they are going to check that everything is A-OK in there, since they have just assumed it is for the last 4 months. But, it's also a little worrisome to think that something could be wrong, or that this pregnancy could no longer be as textbook as we thought. So Hubby and I are a little bit concerned, and of course I am overanalyzing every little thing that is going on in there now. Is he moving too much? Too little? Is he stressed? 

So now we play the waiting game and wait anxiously for our ultrasound on Friday, and then for the results. If everything is fine, we will find out in 2 weeks at our next appointment. If not, then we will get the dreaded call to come in earlier if they find something to be concerned about. 

This really sucks, and it's one of those helpless times when you can't do anything but worry about the little one we are so anxiously awaiting the arrival of. It really makes us thankful that we have been blessed with such an easy pregnancy so far. Our fingers are crossed that everything turns out ok. It's definitely hard being a parent. 


  1. Try not to worry. I'm 34 weeks as well (and at 33 weeks I was measuring 38). I'm not going for an ultrasound though... just waiting it out.

    Maybe your little peanut will arrive earlier than initially expected.

    Once again, try not to worry. It's not good for you or the babe.

  2. Everything will be alright :) Maybe the bub just can't wait to meet these awesome parental units!

  3. Thanks for your support, ladies! Much appreciated.

    We are trying not to get worried, but it's hard. Our fingers are crossed that everything will be just fine. I think he's trying to tell me that too, since he's kicking up a storm this week. :)

  4. Don't worry... It won't do any good anyways, right?

    I always measured bigger than I was "supposed" to and ended up having big babies (but they were both totally healthy!).

    If I were you I'd mention at the US that you're worried and maybe they'll hint at the results (even though they're technically not supposed to). I'd even ask point blank "Is everything okay?" and judge his/her reaction.

    Kicking is always a good sign! :)

  5. My cousin suddenly went from measuring "normally" to measuring two weeks ahead and her sweet, healthy, perfect boy was born just fine.. he's just a big baby!

    My boy is measuring 2 or 3 weeks small and he's just a small baby!

    The measurements are all averages, anyway. I'm guessing that Peanut is PERFECT.. maybe he just has chunky thighs or cheeks that are takin' up a lot of room!


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