Thursday, December 15, 2011

DIY Christmas Wall Art: Part 2

So, as previously mentioned in my first post, I have another tutorial for you. This one was even cheaper than the first one, and is so incredibly easy. It really only took about 10 minutes to do. I found the inspiration for it on Pinterest. It came from an Etsy Shop which you can find here. Hers are obviously much nicer than mine, and she put a lot of time into making the gorgeous wreath. 


My version is much lower-class and also much smaller. I found some wooden letters from Michael's and painted them white. 

I then found this cheap red garland with Christmas bulb doodads attached. I bent a coat hanger into a circle, and then clipped off the extra wire. I used that as a frame and just wrapped the garland around the wire to make a "wreath" for the "O". 

I was a little stumped as to how to hang them above my mantle. I wanted them to sit flush to the wall, and I didn't want to add any more nail holes. There was already a small nail in the centre, so I used that to hang the "O".  I then had a great idea. I had already purchased some of those 3M adhesive hooks to hang the stockings. I just used the adhesive strips without the hooks on the back of the letters, and stuck them straight to the wall. That way when Christmas is over, the wall goes back to normal! Woo hoo! 

I am really happy with how it turned out. The project cost me about $5 in total. Pretty good! 



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