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From the Man Files: Top 10 Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

So, today I have a very special guest blogger. Well, he's very special to me. Awww. The Hubby has decided to offer his insight into one of the things I find most difficult around this time of year: trying to buy gifts for the men in my life. Enjoy!!

I'm pleased introduce one of the world's foremost minds on insights into men; what they want, what they need and what they really think about. Without further ado: Adam. 

And the crowd roars (ahhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Standing ovation!!!

Every once in a while I will be giving some man perspective on Up Mommy Creek. This week I will be talking about gifts. Now I didn't want to write about the obvious things, like the big ticket items: sports cars, yachts, trips to Bora Bora and ridiculously huge big screen televisions. What I wanted to write about were the little things for those who are short on gift ideas. Here is my

Top Ten Gift Ideas for Any Occasion 
(in no particular order)

1. Booze - You can never go wrong giving your man a good stiff drink for Christmas, whether it's his favourite bottle of liquor, a 6 pack of some local micro brew, a nice bottle of wine (or a case). Whatever you give him should be something he wouldn't normally splurge for himself. 

2. A Good Book - if you have a good idea of your significant other's interest and he is someone who likes to read, then a good book is definitely an easy winner. Read some reviews first, check the top sellers list or ask the staff what they recommend.

3. A Magazine Subscription - with so many different topics you will be sure to find something he has an interest in, plus its a gift that the can be enjoyed year round. I recommend a subscription to Playboy - I kid I kid 

4. Gift Certificate - But they are so impersonal you say. Yes if you get him something like a Walmart gift certificate or one of those cash cards you can use anywhere. Instead, get him one for somewhere he really likes to shop; a bookstore, music shop, eBay or someplace where he can get something unique.

5. A Copy of his Favourite Movie - with the seeming slow death of DVDs it may be a good idea to get him a copy of his favorite movie on Blu-Ray. Or if he likes a particular trilogy or series of films then they would be a good idea too.

6. Concert DVD/Blu-Ray - If he has a favorite band or he is into music, a recorded concert would be something he can watch again and again. Selection is sometimes limited, so you may not have a choice between DVD or Blu Ray. I would say that Blu Ray would always be preferred, but sometimes you just can't make it happen. 

7. Music Box Set - same as number 6, but you need to know the band and or the genre to get this one right otherwise this one might just collect dust. Alternative? Same as #4: gift certificate to iTunes. 

8. Band/Sport Memorabilia - Band TV shirts, a ball cap of his favorite sports team; if he's got a fave team or band its not a bad idea to get him some memorabilia. Just don't do what Amy did and get a key chain of his team's chief rival. (it was a joke! Sheesh! ~Amy)

9. Collectibles - If he collects something, add to his collection. Note: only do this if you have a good idea of what he collects and how much they cost otherwise you could be over paying for whatever you get him. Generally eBay is the best place to go for collectibles as you can get a good idea of prices and there is enough variety that you generally won't over pay.

10. Tickets/Passes - Depending on his interests you can always get him tickets to a game, movie passes, concert tickets or passes to a ski hill, etc. Sometimes its not things that a guy wants but an experience. Plus these tend to be the most memorable if you go with him.

Hope these help you with coming up with gift ideas for the upcoming holidays. Generally get him something he wouldn't normally spend money on himself, and you should be good.

Talk to you soon

- Adam

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