Thursday, March 15, 2012

Essential Baby Items: Mommy Jewellery!

The one thing you learn pretty fast as a mom is that once your baby reaches that grabby stage, nothing is safe! The first thing that gets pulled is your hair. The next is your necklaces. Peanut is obsessed with necklaces. He loves paying attention to really small things right now, and so it makes the chains very attractive. And of course once he grabs it, he yanks it as hard as possible. And then he shoves it in his mouth. So, I learned pretty quickly that if a piece of jewellery is precious to me, that I shouldn't wear it. Because it's only a matter of time before it gets broken. Not only that, but while Peanut is nursing he grabs and flails and scratches me. He loves to play with my hair, but that always ends in me being held hostage by an infant, begging and pleading with him to please let my hair go. Of course, this is the most hilarious thing in the world to him, so he pulls harder, and giggles. There is nothing like being overpowered by a 19 lb baby to make you feel like a strong woman...sigh. Anyway, when I saw that there are necklaces out there for moms, I was instantly interested. I ordered myself a Mommy Necklace and waited for it to arrive. 

The Mommy Necklace in action

I like the Mommy Necklace because it's pretty stylish. It's not really my style to wear big beaded jewellery, but it at least looks like I am wearing something for me, and not for my baby. It's got a breakaway clasp, which is awesome, because it's pretty much guaranteed that Peanut is going to yank that thing so hard it will break. So the clasp prevents that from happening. It definitely does it's job of keeping him occupied while he's nursing, and he does get very enthralled with it when we are just hanging out as well. The only drawback is that it's inevitable that Peanut is going to shove it in his mouth the second he gets the opportunity, and the necklace is not really safe for that. 

Which brings me to the next necklace I have: Teethease. This is my necklace of choice now. I have the pendant, which is a simpler style than the Mommy Necklace. It's basically a medical-grade silicone pendant on a ribbon with a breakaway clasp. Which means that it's totally safe for Peanut to mow away on to his heart's content. And man, he goes to town! At first I was a little surprised to find that the pendant was strung on a ribbon; I thought that it would be something a little "nicer" (for lack of a better term). But after wearing it the first time, I am happy that it's ribbon. Peanut loooooves pulling the ribbon through his teeth, and twisting it with his fingers and trying to tangle and untangle it while he's sitting...basically it's the best toy ever. I should have known that this would be the can spend money on all these expensive toys, but he will prefer to play with the empty Gatorade bottle instead. The pendant is awesome, because it's pretty much indestructible (which if you have children you know is a valuable feature). He can chew and chew and chew and it looks brand new. It's basically like having a teething ring always on hand (on neck?!), without looking like you do. 

Stylishly modelling the Teethease. No one can see my PJ pants...mwahaha

There are other mommy jewellery brands out there, I am sure, but these are the 2 I have used personally. They are pretty ingenious...they are the type of thing you wish you would have thought of yourself. Which is another reason why I like these products too: they are made by moms, and in the case of Teethease, a Canadian mom! 

I definitely think that having some Mommy jewellery is an essential item in my Mommy repertoire. Not only for keeping Peanut occupied, but also for those times when I feel like changing out of my PJs and going to Starbucks. I can put on a necklace and feel pretty put-together. Which fools people into thinking that I actually know what I'm doing, and that I am not frazzled and that I don't spend my days in pyjamas pinning things on Pinterest and writing blog posts...score! 

Peanut going to town


Disclosure: while I was given a sample Teethease product for a feature on a TV spot I did, I was not compensated in any way by Teethease or Mommy Necklaces for this review post. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Thanks for these resources! I am going to purchase one or two... My 8 month old daughter is always munching on my necklaces so it would be good to wear one that is designed for wear and tear.

  2. Great post Amy! Babies are really prone to chewing and biting things and I like your necklace's pendant- a teether for baby :-)

  3. Amazing job, I wish they had these items in Calgary jewellery stores, I would definitely purchase them.


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