Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Little Guy is Growing Up!

This last week has been a big one for Peanut. He seems to be hitting new milestones left, right and center. And it's been so much fun to watch! He's turning into this little person now, and it's the coolest thing to see him develop. 

In the last week, he has figured out he can get to where he wants by rolling. It's pretty hilarious to watch (for now) since it takes him quite a lot of time and effort to get to the (usually dangerous) thing he wants. I am not looking forward to when he gets faster and more efficient at this. He's still not really that close to crawling, but that's mostly because he doesn't get how to get up on hands and knees yet. He can either lift his front end or his back end, but as of yet he can't lift both together. 

He has also started waving. This, for me, is a huge milestone. I'm not exactly sure why...Hubby said it's because it's like he's actually communicating with us now. In addition to the waving, he also shakes his head "no". It's pretty adorable, but I can already see the stubbornness ready to bloom on this one! Right now if we say "no" in any sort of context, he starts shaking his head. He also does it if we say "yes" directly to him. Pretty funny guy. So between long overtures of "bah bah bahing" and tongue clucking, there is a lot of head shaking going on. 

He doesn't really get the whole crawling thing yet...
Because he's hit these milestones of associating actions with words (I don't think he's really associated them with meanings yet), I have started being more consistent in my use of signs with him. He seems like the kind of child who really likes to get his point across, and I think that using signs will eliminate some frustrations for him while he's learning to speak. So far I haven't had any success with him really signing. He can do the sign for "milk", but he doesn't associate it with milk yet. Sometimes I like to pretend he is, but then when I try and feed him he looks at me like I am nuts. Which leads me to believe his thought process is not "Hey Mommy, I want some milk!". It's probably more like "Hey! I can do this awesome thing with my hand!". 

All of these milestones lead to a more independent baby. He can sit and play on his own for long stretches at a time, and is very interested in his toys. This has been a welcome change from the previous stage where he knew he wanted to do something, but had to rely on me to do it. That just lead to a lot of boredom and frustration on both our parts, as I never knew exactly what he wanted. And I have to admit, it's pretty exhausting trying to entertain a 6 month old for the whole day. Now that he can do the things he wants to do and get engrossed in the toys and activities he's interested in, things are much more enjoyable and I (theoretically) have more time to focus on other things. 

The only problem is now that he's semi-mobile, my attention needs to be on him all.the.time or I'm going to end up trying to explain to Hubby how the tantalizing and interesting Xbox landed on the floor all smashed and broken-like. (And while part of me would be sorta happy at the loss of Call of Duty in our house, in the end, I suppose it wouldn't be a good thing). 



  1. That pic! That face! Soooo cute!

  2. communication is such a wonderful thing with kids. I love that my daughter can let me know what she needs/wants by certain sounds, signs, and actions

  3. Those are some big milestones! They come pretty fast now.. be ready! Love the picture of your little guy.. my little man had that same outfit :)


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