Sunday, February 3, 2013

Adventures in Juicing: Week 2

You can check out week 1 here.

We've had our juicer for almost 2 weeks now, and I have to say that we are loving it! I was a little wary about having another kitchen appliance...I have a bit of an addiction it seems. And usually we use whatever new gadget a couple of times and then it gets banished to the Cupboard of Doom where we only try and dig it out once every 10 months and when we do we have to pull absolutely everything out of the cupboard to reach know what I mean, right?!

Anyway, the juicer hasn't left our counter since we got it. We make at least 1 glass of juice a day with it. It's almost addicting, actually. Once I apprehensively started putting fruits and veggies in very strict combinations according to set recipes, I was hooked. I started thinking of all the different things I could juice, and all the different combinations of juices I could make. JUICE ALL THE THINGS!!!!

We have a couple recipes that came with our weekly SPUD delivery that we love, and they are in our standard rotation. For veggies, I am more of a kale girl, and Hubby is in love with the beets. 

My fave is the Morning Nourish Juice:

1 pear
1 handful of kale
1 apple
2 stalks of celery

Usually I make some juice in the morning and I give a little to Peanut diluted with water. As scared as I was of juicing veggies, it's actually not that bad! So I always make sure to have some veggies in it if Peanut is having some. He loooooooves it. His favourite? Kale. Who would have ever guessed? I normally don't really give Peanut juice, but I feel confident about giving him fresh, organic, homemade juice where I control what goes in, and with no extra sugar. 

For the adults in the house, we love that we can "eat our veggies" without actually eating them! It's awesome to get the nutrients from fresh fruits and veg without having to prepare them. I get so bored of trying to invent new ways to serve carrots. Well, nothing is easier than tossing them in the juicer! Of course we still eat actual fruits and vegetables as well, as we need the fiber and other goodness, but it's nice to know that we are getting our daily dose of vitamins and minerals so easily. 

Hubby's fave is ABC Juice:

2 apples
2 carrots
1 beet

but he always adds some citrus as well, usually by adding 1 grapefruit. 

But my absolute favourite recipe that I have made so far was a tropical-inspired cup of deliciousness!

1 mango
3 spears of pineapple
2 oranges

I could see this being a very delcious adult-beverage in the summer time with the addition of a little coconut rum. Yum yum! I didn't get a picture because I basically downed it the second it came out of the juicer. 

I really get excited every Thursday to get our SPUD delivery. It's always fun to see all the fresh organic fruit and veg just sitting there, unsuspecting that in the next day or so they are going to be crushed into delicious juiciness! One of my other favourite things about juicing is that I have so much less waste of produce. If something is a little under- or over-ripe I just toss it in the juicer with a few apples and it is salvaged. 
One lesson I learned very quickly...make sure you go easy on the ginger. A little goes a VERY long way. The first time I used it I made some apple and pear juice and threw in a little knob of ginger. It was probably double what I needed, and I ended up with one very spicy glass of juice! Ack!!
If you are interested in trying out juicing, has extended their very popular juicing promotion until February 7th! You can either buy the juicer in one payment, or pay for it in small weekly installments. When you sign up for their juicing program, you get $140 worth of organic fruits and veg for your juicer delivered right to your door free! You can check it out here: Juicing Program

*Please note that this series is sponsored by, as they provided the juicer and the organic juicing produce in order to facilitate this series. But all content and opinions are completely my own (as usual!). 


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