Friday, July 8, 2011

Hobbit Feet

So, it seems that since the beautiful weather has finally arrived in Calgary, that I am now getting the typical "it sucks to be preggo in the hot summer" complaints. By far the worst of these is my new Hobbit feet. 

I have never really had the most attractive legs in the world. My brother says I have the fattest knees ever. I know that this is true, and not just my brother being my brother because of my experience of when I went to physiotherapy those 2 times. When I went in for the first time the therapist said "Oh my! Wow! Your knees are sooooo swollen". But they weren't swollen. That's just how they always are. Fat and pudgy. (The second time she used that electrocution machine that makes your muscles contract and I passed out, so then I didn't go back.) So it's obviously an objective, observable fact: I have pudgy knees. So imagine what they look like now that I have gained about 50 lbs due to pregnancy, and am retaining water like crazy. It is not an attractive sight. I am living in maxi-dresses. 

And now my feet have developed the beloved pregnancy swell. And they look like Hobbit feet (without the hair, thank GOODNESS!). They are fat and puffy and I have stubby little toes that stick out and they are on the end of my puffy ankles, which are connected (eventually) to my pudgy knees. Did I mention I wear maxi dresses EVERY DAY?!?

Here is photographic evidence (it is also evidence that I can't really reach my toes to give them a nice little pedicure...ick): it time for second-breakfast yet?

When I told Hubby I felt like Frodo, he laughed and said "you are even wearing the ring around your neck!". Awesome. But this is also a true fact, since my fingers have been too swollen to wear my rings since like week 20. So I couldn't really get too mad. Because it is true, and a little bit funny. 

My mom will absolutely hate this post, because she hates feet. Love you mom! 

Only 1 more week until Peanut is due...and craziness will ensue! 

Oh, and if you are interested in making a guess as to when we will arrive and how big huge he will be, head on over to our baby pool to make a wager. 


  1. ROFL!!! I have hobbit feet too, their fuzzy lol

  2. Thankfully my feet didn't swell but I gained around 45 lbs with both my pregnancies and it was all belly weight so I couldn't bend over to clip my toenails or tie my shoes.

  3. It will all be worth it when you have the baby!

  4. Thanks for the support ladies!

    Meagan, you are right, it will be worth it! :)

  5. omg, my feet were the SAME way late in my pregnancy. .. along with my ankles, calves, hands, face .. ASS. You know ..


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