Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Still Pregnant

Well, today we are officially 4 days overdue, according to our due date given to us by the doctors. They decided to move it up a week, as Peanut is apparently rather large, and has been since the very beginning. It's sort of an arbitrary date, since it's decided by an ultrasound measurement. But still, it's the date the doctor's are using, and so it makes a big difference.

We had our appointment yesterday, and they have scheduled us for induction on Monday. We really are hoping to avoid induction, as we are hoping to have a "natural" birth. I feel that using induction methods will increase the probability that I will request pain meds, which will probably increase the chance that further augmentation will be needed. And we want to try and avoid that.

To be clear, I am not opposed to using pain medication to get through the labour. To be honest, I have no frickin clue what labour is going to be like, or how I will handle it, or how Hubby and Peanut will handle it. There are just way too many unknowns to be able to have a birth "plan". We have our preferences and our hopes, but that is all we can really have at this point. I might have one contraction, and scream in a dramatic fashion "I can't do this! Bring me the drugs!" and it could all be a moot point. However, that being said, I don't necessarily think that modern medical inventions have improved the process of labour and birth that women have been successful in for millions of years (or however many years people have been on the planet...). So yeah, that's that.

39 Weeks...the 40 week one was me in a bikini...sorry! Not blog appropriate! 

So on Friday we go in for another ultrasound and a Non-stress test to see if Peanut is still happy as a clam in there, or if he is getting a little frustrated. The non-stress test is basically a procedure where they hook you up to monitor both your contractions, and baby's heart rate and see if everything is hunky-dory. I am pretty sure everything is A-OK in there, as Peanut is still kicking and squirming around like a champ. Even if things are getting a little tight (and I have the newly developed stretch marks to prove it...sigh). If everything is ok, then we wait for the weekend, and hope he decides that Saturday is an awesome day to be born. Maybe the threat of eviction will convince him to get moving?!

If not, we go in on Monday morning to start induction with Cervidil. They will let us go for about 2 days with this before they get more aggressive.

So anyway, that's where things stand with us. I know that many mommys-to-be go through this excruciation waiting period, and race against the clock to go into labour naturally. It sucks.

On the other hand, it is super exciting to know we will meet our new little dude most likely within the week. Too crazy! I still have trouble wrapping my head around it! It's funny to be hoping and wishing to go into labour, but still be terrified of being a parent. But I am sure that is a VERY common feeling.

So, the blog might be a little quiet in the next little bit, as we may be otherwise occupied. There will be updates, and photos, and stories, oh my! But they may be a little slow in coming. So bear with me. Thanks for reading along, and thanks for all your wonderful comments. They mean so much!



  1. So excited for you! I am proud of you for seeming so patient, mine came six weeks early but even at that I wanted them out!

  2. My birth plan was this: have a baby. Whatever happens, you are going to have the baby, so don't worry to much over things going or not going to plan. Good luck!


  3. I'm a new follower, thanks to Bloggy Mom, but I wish you the best in the next few weeks and look forward to more of your writing! You can find my own salty blog at http://acenterintheinsanity.wordpress.com/


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