Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our DIY Maternity Photos

Photography is really important to Hubby and I. There is nothing more stunning than a gorgeous photo. We really really wanted to do maternity photos when we found out we were expecting, but it was just too expensive to fit into our budget. Which made me really sad, since this is our first pregnancy, and I wanted to have some photos to show to our little guy when he grows up, and to look back fondly on when I get old and grey.

Hubby thought we should try and do some ourselves, and I was totally on board with the idea. Photography is one of his hobbies, although he primarily does travel photography, and so doesn't have too much experience with portraits. I wan't too worried about this aspect, however our equipment was rather lacking. Hubby's camera is a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. It is quite old (complete with a bandaid holding the battery in), and has been around South East Asia in a backpack quite a few times. We also only have an old flash from Hubby's dad, and no studio lighting whatsoever. Armed with these challenges, we set out to try and take some photos.

The only place in our house where we could get suitable lighting was right in front of our bedroom window in the morning. We have linen curtains, so we just pulled them shut and shot in front of the window. It made for some cool light effects, and we just had to edit out the seam where the 2 curtains met. Easy-peasy.

He also enjoys playing with photos in Lightroom and Photoshop, so after we took the photos, he fiddled around to get the look he was trying to get. I think they turned out great. So thankful to have such a talented Hubby! It is even better knowing that all they cost us was a little time and effort. 

I love this one! 

Here are some of Hubby's faves: 


  1. I can not explain how much I LOVE the one with your dress slightly see through (second one), you can see your form, the layering helps remind me that there is a baby under your skin. such a beautiful image.

  2. you are incredible and beautiful and stunning. Wish I could see your peanut when born! (its Lupine fyi)

  3. Those are beautiful pictures!

  4. Beautiful!! I love the one where the sun is coming through your dress .. stunning!


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