Friday, February 4, 2011

The Day of Reckoning

Today is a depressing day. Up until now I have 1 pair of maternity pants that I wear for work (they are getting a lot of use…). I am ok with this, because generally work pants have a much higher waist, and so naturally they don’t fit as well anymore. However, I have a favourite pair of jeans that I wear all. the. time. Normal, non-preggo jeans that are flattering and perfectly worn in. I did see that recent experiment where that dude didn’t wash his jeans for like 2 months, but I think that is a bit extreme. So, naturally, I threw my jeans in the wash. Well, I went to put them on for work today, and lo and behold Fatty Fatterson can’t fit in them anymore!!! The perfect fit jeans no longer perfectly fit!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I refused to wear my mat pants once again today, so I grabbed my trusty Bella Band and am walking around work with my button and fly undone and my Bella Band camouflaging that fact. In some ways it is kind of funny though. It’s like I have a secret and no one knows. I kind of just want to whisper “my pants are undone you know” to my colleagues, but that would be so incredibly creepy. I would probably be sued. But it  still would be a little bit funny.

The other thing, albeit this one is a bit easier to take, is that it can no longer be considered appropriate for me to continue wearing my normal sized bras. The over-spillage is getting a bit extreme. I would prefer to NOT look like some creepy lady with over-flowing cleavage and undone pants and a big belly. Like a strange cross between a cougar at the local country bar and a swimmer with an inner tube around their belly. *shudder*

So, I guess it’s officially time that I march my big, fat, jiggly, pregnant behind to a maternity store and get properly outfitted for this little journey.

The day has come. I am big.

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