Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hubby's Creativity

Ok. So I was mentioning to Hubby that I was thinking of changing up the blog template to be a bit less generic, and a bit more reflective of what this blog is about. It’s obviously not about grass. Or dandelions. It could arguably be about figurative blue skies, but still. By changing it up, I meant using a different template offered by Blogger that is a bit more fitting. Hubby thought this meant that we needed to make something up from scratch. He also thought (for some reason) that the grass was an integral part of the new template. He set to work to create a new template from scratch that would be perfect for the blog.

I don’t really know THAT much about technology. I get by, and would probably describe myself as “eventually tech savvy”; at first I have no clue, but give me some time to play around, and I figure it out. Maybe it won’t be the most efficient way of doing it, but it will usually work. Hubby is similar. He learns by doing. However, he works in the industry of technical support, and so most people assume that he is a tech whiz. And he generally is. He learns the same way I do, but just a lot faster, and he probably comes up with the most efficient way. So, when he told me he would come up with something, you can understand that my expectations were pretty high.

Hubby has really been the model Daddy-to-be so far. He is super excited about the pregnancy, and is really involved. He throws out baby names and reads along in his Daddy book about the development of Peanut each week. He helps out a ton around the house, and takes pictures of my belly each week. He is super sweet, and has all the makings of the perfect Dad.

So far these paragraphs all seem to be unrelated, but they are necessary in their own way for what I am about to show you. The ingredients for a new blog template from Hubby were: tech savvy man + super sweet Daddy-to-be. What resulted was perhaps the opposite of my high expectations.

What resulted was this:

Yes. That is our baby (which looks sort of cow-like) in a diaper with a rocket launcher strapped to its back fighting a demonic T-Rex. On grass. With blue skies. Obviously the rocket launcher needed some sort of apparatus to convert it to a backpack, as Baby only has stick legs to crawl with.

This was Hubby’s idea for my blog template. And while I do admit it is a pretty awesome picture, I am not sure if it accurately reflects the theme of this blog. So I am still looking.

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