Sunday, February 20, 2011

General Happenings on the Long Weekend...

Life after finding out the gender has been interesting. It was a fun experience, and I am glad we did it. But it is a little strange. Before there were 2 possibilities, and we planned for both. We thought of what would happen with a little girl, and what would happen with a little boy. Now we only have the one option. Not that that's a bad thing, it's just an adjustment. I actually think this would have been much worse if we went through the whole pregnancy, especially if we started really leaning towards a girl, and then found out it was a boy. So I am glad we have the time to prepare now.

Also, it makes things like names much easier. We had already narrowed boy's names down to a few choices, whereas the girl's names we hadn't even began to narrow anything down. So that's sort of a relief. Also, we can start to plan the nursery, which will be fun.

In other news, Kitty's claw covers are starting to come off now. So she has like 2 razor sharp claws on each paw, and she is trying desperately to destroy the couch with them every chance she gets. It is driving me CRAZY! She totally does it on purpose too. She looks us right in the eye and then starts to scratch. Like she is daring us to do something about it. Just yelling at her isn't enough of a deterrent now. It's like she knows we won't actually do anything but make loud noises. So, today I had had enough, and after she tried for the 4th time in 2 minutes to scratch the chair, I tried to a) throw something at her and b) get up and chase her.

Hubby was sitting on the couch playing Nazi Zombies on Xbox live with certain friends and he felt it necessary to have a running commentary which sounded like this: "The wife is getting mad at the cat. The wife if throwing things at the cat. She missed and hit the Xbox. The wife is now trying to chase the cat, but the cat is much much faster than the wife. *insert comment from Hubby's friend here* Yeah...she's not as quick as she used to be". Nice. Yes, I am getting rather chubby and awkward, but I am growing a tiny human!! AND, I am trying to discipline our unruly cat. What is HE doing? Sitting around and trying to kill Nazi Zombies with his buddies...if there were actually Nazi Zombies running around, and his actions helped to reduce the population of said zombies, then I would understand. But this is obviously not the case...

The things we pregnant fatsos put up with...sigh.

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  1. How exciting!So which are you having?!

    I wish I could get my cat to wear claw covers. She would scratch out my eyes!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am following you back now.

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